The Foundation's education funding is its largest area of focus, representing over 40% of annual grants.  The Foundation supports K-12 public education, independent private school education and higher education, including these priority areas of interest:

K-12 Education/Out-of-School Time (OST)

Public/OST:  The Foundation supports projects directed toward improving educational quality and equity in Baltimore City with the understanding that education is a prerequisite to a strong civil society and an employed workforce - two keys to a better Baltimore. Specifically, as it relates to K-12 outcomes in public education and out-of-school time, the Foundation is focused on three specific areas: (1) improved literacy as the foundation of all other learning, (2) effective socio-emotional learning and trauma interventions in schools and (3) enhanced career readiness education resulting in graduates who possess the academic, technical and job readiness skills necessary to succeed and advance in the workforce.

Private:  The Foundation funds independent private schools for both capital projects and scholarships.  The scholarship support is intended to help increase diversity and inclusion as well as provide positive educational experiences to qualified students, regardless of income.

Higher Education 

Post-Secondary Student Success:  The Foundation aims to increase the number of students who access and complete two- and four-year colleges and universities especially low-income and working class, first generation, and underrepresented students in the Greater Baltimore area. One way to accomplish this is reducing cost as a barrier to college entry and completion. The Foundation's funding has already provided over $9 million to 19 universities supporting students throughout Maryland, benefitting approximately 160 students a year.  We are also interested in other non-scholarship, innovative ways to help students attend and thrive in post-secondary education programs.  Since college completion is the goal, the Foundation is interested in boosting the number of students who graduate and find jobs as well as creating successful pathways that connect K-12, post-secondary education, and employment.

Anchor Institutions:  The Foundation has always been interested in the role that colleges and universities play in their surrounding communities.  More explicitly than in the past, the Foundation aims to leverage the intellectual and economic capital of higher education anchor institutions to positively impact their surrounding communities by assisting with strong community engagement, neighborhood revitalization, local hiring, career pathways and other economic development partnerships.  

Pictures courtesy of Johns Hopkins University, the University of Maryland Carey School of Law and St. Ignatius Loyola Academy